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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do we have to write our own scripts?
A) No! We have professionally trained advertising copy writers on staff.

Q) What kind of information should be included in our advertising on hold?
A) Our copy brief will easily guide you through the information we need to write
and produce effective sales messages for your unique business.

Q) Should general information be included in our messages on hold?
A) Most definitely include information such as trading times, website address, any
business awards received, location details, staff awards and any other information
that enhances the professional image and service that your business provides.

Q) How often do we need to update our sales messages?
A) That depends on your business type. Retail businesses that run regular multi-
media advertising campaigns should update their on hold messages to coincide
with current campaigns promoting advertised specials. Accountancy firms, as an
example, may only need to update when new products or services, that their
client base are not aware of, come on line.

Q) How do we make it happen?
A) Simply call us on 0405 252 263 (Rob). Or, if you prefer, submit an on-line inquiry using the form on this site, or email your contact details and we will call you at a convenient time and step you through our simple procedure.

Q) Do I have to sign long term contracts?
A) No! You choose whether you pay cash or easy monthly repayments with no deposit, over a term that suits you.

Q) Does the message start from the beginning every time a caller is put on hold?
A) No! The messages play randomly therefore allowing the caller to hear different information each time they are asked to hold.

Q) What happens if the equipment fails?
A) All equipment supplied on a “cash sale” basis is guaranteed for 12 months, so we repair or replace it in the event of failure.

All equipment supplied on monthly repayment agreements is guaranteed in perpetuity whilst you are using our service, and we repair or replace it in the event of failure.

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