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Please Hold Australia





Welcome to Please Hold Australia

What can we do for you? 10 simple reasons to use our service!

  1. 70% of all calls are put on hold.
  2. 100 is the average number of calls per day for a business.
  3. Over 80% reduction in caller hang-ups with music and messages on hold.
  4. Over 80% of callers actually prefer to hear music and information, rather than just music.
  5. Control….you can control what callers hear.
  6. 43 seconds is the average customer hold time.
  7. 15-35% of your callers will purchase additional items or services as a result of something they heard on hold.
  8. Inexpensive….on hold is arguably the most inexpensive advertising your business will ever do.
  9. Professional….it sounds impressive.
  10. APRA fees are charged to any business that uses radio or music tracks on hold. Music and messages supplied by Please Hold Australia are APRA free.

Please Hold Australia will inform, entertain and educate callers so why waste the time a caller spends on hold. Tell the caller about your business, its history and awards to name a few. Please Hold Australia messages are effective in enhancing business reputation, preventing caller hang-ups and increasing sales whilst keeping callers entertained, informed and up to date.

NEW!! We Now Produce Audio Messages For Your Website!!

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